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World Design Prize

An achievement for Outstanding contributions in Design

The World Design Prize is an annual international award bestowed to institutions, brands as well as individuals in recognition of advancing and promoting the design field. Each recipient or laureate receives a medal, a diploma as well as a press campaign celebrating the occasion.

The awards can be given to both institutions, companies as well as individuals who demonstrate outstanding achievements in design or who make outstanding contributions to the field of design. The ultimate aim of the World Design Prize is to push individuals, institutions and enterprises to invest in design initiatives worldwide.

The World Design Prize considers the achievements and contributions made within the last decade with an emphasis on the last two years.

Brands, individuals and institutions who have supported or organized design initiatives including but not limited to design education initiatives, spread of design culture, teaching about intellectual property, national or international design awards and competitions, supporting designers, advancing arts and technology, design thinking sessions, design conferences, symposiums, publishing design content, creating design strategy proposals, offering scholarships for design or any other initiative that could create an awareness for design, good design practices or any other initiative that could improve the quality of life; for example by creation of outstanding products and services that make life easier are eligible for the World Design Prize consideration.

There are no fees involving nomination for the World Design Prize, however there are three ways to get nominated for the award consideration.

3 Ways of Nomination for a World Design Prize

world design prize

Patrons of Design

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The World Design Patrons program is an initiative by ICCI – International Council of Creative Industries.